Free –– Short meet-and-greet for first-time clients.

$15 –– You have an older and/or less active dog and just need us to let it out while you’re at work, or give it a short walk/play session.

$20 –– An hour-long walk for dogs who need to burn some energy while you’re at work.

$40 –– When you’re out of town and need us to feed, walk, and love your dog but don’t need us to spend the night.

$50 –– When you need us to take care of your dog during the day and also snuggle with it at night so it doesn’t feel anxious or lonely.

Add $10 for bathing.

If you’d rather your dog to stay at the sitter’s house instead, just ask! Some of our sitters may be able to host depending on dog temperament.


Cats/Small Mammals

$15 –– One visit per day for feeding and litter scooping.

$30 –– Two visits per day for feeding and litter scooping.

You can add an additional $5/day if your cat needs longer sessions of petting and attention for its emotional wellbeing.


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