Dog walking & pet sitting in new orleans

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Dog walking, puppy playing, daily visits, pet/house sitting, overnight stays, medication, cat care. Click the dog for more details.


Our team has collective experience with dogs, cats, horses, ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, and other small rodents.


Dogs: $20 for an hour, $15 for 30 minutes, $40 for pet sitting, $50 to spend the night. Cats/other: $30 for two visits a day, $15 for one visit a day. Click the dog for more details.

the pack

AKA Dog Walkers, Pet Sitters, Animal Lovers, Raised-By-Wolves
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Shell Welles

Dogs, Cats, Horses
6 ft tall redhead whose biggest passion in life is caring for dogs. Founder of Happy Dog.
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Eden Chubb

Dogs, Cats, Small Mammals
Lifelong experience with dogs, cats, and other more exotic mammals. If you have a rabbit, guinea pig, rat, gerbil, ferret, or hedgehog, Eden’s the one to call. Rabbits are a specialty/obsession.
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Moses Eder

Dogs, Cats
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Team mascot.


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